Managing your projects in Studio Collaboration Services

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Managing your projects in Studio Collaboration Services


When you launch Studio Collaboration Services a window appears from where you can manage the existing projects of your subscription. In this window you can see your most recently opened projects. Additionally your can use the next features: New Project, All projects and Process Xchange.


New project

This button launches the create a new project wizard.

For doubts on this procedure, refer to Creating a new project.


All projects

When you click the All Projects button, all projects in your subscription appears

In this view you can either open, delete, or disjoin a project.




Open a project

When you double click on a project's row, Bizagi loads the project into your Studio.


Delete a project

Only the owner of a project can delete it. When you click on Delete, a confirmation dialog appears. Be sure that you want to erase it since you will remove it permanently from your subscription. As such, no other user can see or recover any of the project information.


Disjoin a project



If you want to remove an environment from its cloud repository you should use the disjoin option.

This will not delete the project, but it will delete all the metadata present in the linked environment. This means that this project is executed in your cloud environment no longer, so you have to run it locally. A confirmation dialog appears.


Process Xchange

This button opens a window that shows commonly used processes that you can download as a template for your own project.