Creating and opening a project

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Creating and opening a project


Once the subscription owner invites a user to collaborate. The user can create projects that can be accessed by any other user added to the project. This article explains how a user can create a new project and invite other users to work on it.


Create a new project

Open Bizagi Studio and log in to your subscription.




Open the Studio Services tab, and click New Project.




Register the information of the project and click Next.





In the trial subscription you can only create one project.


Opening a project

If you are included as a co-developer in multiple projects you see a list of the recent projects you have worked on. Once you have logged in to the subscription in Bizagi Studio. You can click the project you want to open.




If you want to look up all the projects you are working in a Studio Collaboration Services subscription. Click the All projects button. in the Studio Collaboration Services




If you need further information refer to Managing your projects.