Defining Bizagi Studio security

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Defining Bizagi Studio security




Bizagi offers a collaborative environment where you and co-workers can work simultaneously on the same project.

If you have several processes in your project you might need to restrict access to some resources to prevent other users modifying one process, that will affect other processes.


By default, each new Bizagi project enables users included as Bizagi administrators to access all the project’s objects. Access rights to specific objects of the project are not configured.

We encourage enabling Bizagi Studio Security to make sure the right users have access to managing the correct project’s resources.


Resources for which security can be managed are:


Module in the expert view

Elements of the module where can you set security


Application main node



Processes versions


Entities main node

Application entities

Master entities

Parameter entities

Business rules

Applications main node

Global functions

Global expressions


As soon as a resource has any type of security (either to deny or to allow access), Bizagi will assume that the resource is restricted. Collaboration Teams with Modify or Full Control access will be able to modify it. All others will be prevented from modifying the resource.


Resources with Security

Security can be managed for certain elements, or resources in Bizagi Studio. Security can be assigned to a user group

The specific Security action varies depending on the type of Resource. There are three actions:

Deny: Block the team from viewing a Resource.

Modify: Allow editing a Resource but not creating a new one.

Full Control: Team members can execute every possible action on a Resource (Create, Modify, Delete) and assign Security to it.


Access rights are inherited. When you have Modify permissions over an Application, you also have Modify permissions over all the Processes related to that Application and to all its elements: Forms, business rules, expressions, etc. This includes

everything contained in the hierarchical tree.

When you create a new Process, it will inherit the Security configuration given to its Application.


To set Bizagi Studio security, follow these steps:

In Expert view, in the Processes node right-click the element you wish to set security for and select Security.




A window appears where you can add the collaboration teams you want to set security for. Click Add new team.




Select the team you wish to set permissions for and the permission level you want to assign. To finish, click Add.




The selected team will appear in the main window. You can change a team's permissions, or delete it by clicking the trash can icon. To finish setting security up, click OK.