Accessing Studio Collaboration Services

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Accessing Studio Collaboration Services


All the Studio Collaboration Services information related to a project or any underlying resources of your subscription is accessed using Bizagi Studio. All roles, including the subscription owner, project owner or co-developer use Bizagi Studio as the accessing point.


Further information

Depending on your role you can manage or develop different aspects of a subscription, or a project. To learn what you can do based on your role, refer to:


Subscription Owner

Access the subscription for the first time

Manage subscription users or create teams


Project owner

Create a project

Open an existing project

Define security

Upload a project


Environment administrator

Manage environment parameters


Bizagi Studio

Desktop application for intelligent process automation. Bizagi Studio synchronizes the data from your cloud repository and lets you develop your applications: modeling processes, defining data models, creating forms, developing business rules, allocating work, defining integrations, and designing experience for Stakeholders. You can Open Bizagi Studio using the On-Premises or Pen Drive installer.

On-Premises Bizagi Studio: Full installation with all Bizagi Studio components. Refer to Bizagi Studio Installation.

Bizagi Studio Pen Drive edition: You can run Bizagi Studio without having administrative rights on the PC. Please bear in mind the considerations about the differences between On-Premises and Pen Drive.