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1.Do I need to download or install software to use environments of Studio Collaboration services?

Yes, you need to use Bizagi Studio to develop and automate all your processes. However, you can use the portable version that does not require any installation.


2.What should I do if I need help?

Please let us know about any technical difficulty you are facing, or questions you may have about Bizagi features, by submitting a ticket directly at https://www.bizagi.com/en/secure-support/view-my-tickets.

To submit a ticket, log in with your Bizagi.com account and follow the instructions presented in Technical Support.


If you experience any difficulty when logging in to Bizagi.com, while attempting to submit a ticket, with the onboarding process, or regarding the scheduled training programme, contact us at FreeSupport@bizagi.com.


3.Can I create multiple projects?

Yes, Studio collaboration does not have restrictions in the number of projects. However, by default you can run only one Work Portal in the cloud. Furthermore, you can deploy to test or production environments from only ONE project.


4.Can users access external systems through the VPN from Bizagi Studio?

Not by default. The VPN configuration only includes webapps’s outbound within the VPN. Refer to VPN integration. However, Bizagi offers an alternative, to redirect the traffic of developers using Bizagi Studio through the VPN. Refer to VPN integration’s configuration in Bizagi Studio.