SAP Cloud Platform using OData

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SAP Cloud Platform using OData


SAP encompasses an ecosystem of several applications and services through different modules, technologies, and databases. To integrate multiple systems, and managed them in a centralized application, SAP offers the Cloud Platform.


The SAP Cloud Platform is an additional application that redirects into any of the SAP systems. The platform helps to control access to those systems and the protocols used. Bizagi can be integrated to SAP S/4 HANA, ECC, or R/3 systems using the SAP Cloud Platform.  For further information about the SAP cloud platform click here.


This platform exposes services that let external systems get authenticated and redirected in a secure way to the SAP ERP systems like SAP S/4 HANA.



Bizagi can be integrated with the SAP cloud platform so you can invoke Advanced Business Application Programming functions (ABAP) from the SAP ERP within your intelligent process automation strategy.


The SAP Cloud Platform embraces all the accounts and their associated services and applications. All of those services are managed from the SAP cockpit.


To integrate Bizagi with the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP integration services must be configured. These integration services are created and managed under the SAP Cloud Foundry. The foundry is an environment that contains the SAP cloud platform services and applications. Therefore, an administrator must set the Account model, where you can define your sub-accounts, and spaces (allocation of computing quotas like memory), that needed to be used. Within the SAP Cloud Foundry environment, administrators can define all the organization and space members allowed to create or manage services. For further information about the SAP environment configuration click here.


ABAP functions are integrated through these services using the OData protocol. So the SAP system must expose all the functions through OData.


The following image shows the SAP Cloud Platform ecosystem integrated with Bizagi.





SAP Neo environments are not supported.


Next Steps

To integrate Bizagi with the SAP Cloud Platform you need to follow these steps:


1.Configure the SAP Cloud Platform        

 For SAP On-Premises Systems


2.Configure the SAP Cloud Platform connector in Bizagi

3.Set the Bizagi process where you want to execute the SAP action