RPA life cycle management

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RPA life cycle management


The Bizagi RPA life cycle management gives you full control over your intelligent process automation strategy using bots. You can centralize and manage your RPA force with UiPath in this project from Process XChange, empowering organizations to increase the value of bots in your business. The project encompasses the following pillars:


Managing resources of your UiPath infrastructure: You can manage the UiPath RPA infrastructure you need to deploy and run bots in one centralized application in Bizagi, which extends governability over the actions and resources that users with specific roles in your organization can perform.  

Assess RPA development opportunities: helps your organization encourage using bots from business requirements and accelerate your digital strategy. We provide a process to control RPA requests, inquiries for its assessment, and technical analysis for the development of bots.

Control the RPA development cycle: Once a bot request is identified and approved, Bizagi offers a solution to develop bots in a controlled way using a development life cycle approach including deployments to production. Developers and testers can work collaboratively on the same platform, making the development process more agile.


The following image describes the stages of the RPA life cycle management process:




This section contains a user guide using the Bizagi RPA Life cycle management process. This guide assumes that you have background knowledge about using UiPath, and does not intend to explain how to use resources external to Bizagi. It is also important that you have your UiPath infrastructure defined before continuing with this guide.


This guide contains the following topics:


Initial steps to import UiPath infrastructure into Bizagi.

How to manage a new RPA request in your organization.

New RPA development life cycle.


Import RPA life cycle management processes in your Bizagi Studio Project

From Bizagi Studio, open the Export / Import tab and select Process XChange.




The select the RPA Life cycle management process and click the download icon.



We recommend to use these processes  exclusively in an independent Studio project. However, you can include it with other XChange processes.