Bizagi Resource Kit

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Bizagi Resource Kit

Bizagi offers a resource kit that provides additional options and features for Automation Server.




Some resources are available for download according to your Bizagi version, and others are to be used by means of a browser.





Widget Editor

A browser-based application (SDK) that assists you when creating Bizagi Widgets to customize/extend the UI of your activities.

Further documentation at:

Customizing the user interface.

Accessible at  

by logging with your account.

Connector Editor

A tool that assists you when creating Bizagi Connectors to extend the connectivity capabilities to external systems and applications.


More information here:

Bizagi Connectors.

SharePoint Web Parts

An add-on for SharePoint installations (MOSS) that enables your pages to embed Bizagi.

Further documentation at Bizagi Web Parts for SharePoint.

Downloadable for each SharePoint version at:

Automatic testing

A tool that allows you to record cases, and its information with the option of repeating this process several times. It can be used to test multitask processes faster and easily. We do not recommend to use this tool for stress or load testing.

Instructions on how use here: Automatic testing

Dynamic Rules Tracer


You can debug expressions executed on activity actions for example: On enter, On save, and On exit. while a task is running, in the development environment. You can include breakpoints and debug line by line.

More information here: How to use the Dynamic Rules Tracer?

Site Editor

A wizard to create sites that allows you to customize pages to differentiate it from the Work Portal, focused on stakeholders. It is visually more engaging and can be used by both for stakeholders and experienced users. It does not require knowing how the Work Portal works.

More information here: Sites Editor

Command Line deployment

A tool that helps to automate the generation of deployment packages via command line. It avoids manual package generation since you can create templates to assure the same components are included in each deployment.

More information here: Command Line for Advanced Deployment

Data Encryption (Work Portal)

A feature to encrypt texts or information on the Work Portal.

More information here: Password Encryption

Package Visualizer

You can see details within the deployment package (.bex extension) and check included components and dependencies inside the package.

More information here: Review the content of a package