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Modeling the Process is the first step in any Process automation. Modeling a Process is an iterative and straightforward task to represent business conditions in a flow diagram, using symbols and shapes.


Bizagi Modeler is a business process modeling and documentation tool. The modeler enables you to visually diagram, model and document business processes in industry-standard BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). BPMN is a worldwide accepted format for process modeling.


Get your digitization journey off to the best start with Bizagi Modeler. Collaboration, speed and intuitive drag-and-drop design tools bridge the gap between business and IT, engaging everyone in the process discussion from the get-go.


Publish high quality documentation in your preferred format: Word, PDF, Web pages, Sharepoint or Wiki. Any size, any industry, any project.


Based 100% on BPMN notation.

The easiest to use BPMN process modeler in the market.


Encourage team collaboration.

Run discussions when defining processes. Safely work on the same project, wherever your team happens to be.


Simulate your processes

Predict how your great ideas will actually impact your business.



Start using the modeler in your preferred language


The modeler’s IntelliSense (smart code completion) coupled with its unique look and feel allows you to quickly and easily map and document, without the delay of validation routines.


Please refer to our Free Bizagi Modeler or further information about how to use the tool and other very useful information.


How are our products connected

Processes are modeled and documented using Bizagi Modeler.

Once your diagrams are ready take them to Bizagi Studio, the authoring environment that transforms these processes into running applications. With Bizagi Studio, the implementation of the processes include the definition for: the Data Model, the user interfaces (known as Forms in Bizagi), the Business Rules for the logic behind, and the participants or performers of the process activities with their workload allocation, amongst others.


1. Download and install Bizagi Modeler.


2. Model and document your Processes by using Bizagi Modeler.

Then select Run Workflow on the Home tab. A wizard will guide you through the steps to make the transition to Bizagi Studio, where you will automate your Processes.  




3. By means of Bizagi Studio, these Processes' detail is extended for their execution.

In Bizagi Studio a wizard will guide you step by step through the automation Process and will have your Processes up and running in no time.




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