Push notifications

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Push notifications


Push notifications lets you keep informed when you have been assigned to a task by displaying a message in your mobile device. By demand, you can enable them in your Bizagi Project.



Take into account the following considerations before enabling Push notifications:

Push notifications are not enabled by default in our Mobile App, this feature has to be activated via Support Ticket.

You receive Push notifications only when a task has been assigned to you specifically. When the assignment method is Everyone and you took the task, the number in the badge increases.

You receive notifications of the last project you logged in. If you log out the project in the app, you will stop receiving notifications of that project.

For android devices, you may experiment a delay on receiving notifications when the device is in Doze mode (Battery saver).

The badge (red dot with the number of notifications) on the app icon is supported for the following manufacturers:









Nevertheless, you can install in Android devices the supported launchers: Yandex Launcher or Nova (Prime).

The number displayed in the badge does not decrease regardless if you advance the allocated activities or they have been canceled by you or an administrator. Only when you open the app, the badge refreshes.

The number displayed in the badge matches with the number of pending tasks in your inbox.

As push notifications require network access, this feature is not available when you work offline. When you get back online, you receive all the notifications.

Push notifications are fixed and they match with your device language as long as you have configured localization in your workitems.

Push notifications is available for On premises offers or Enterprise subscriptions.

If the app is uninstalled and reinstalled in less than 24 hours, your device will keep displaying the number of pending notifications when you uninstalled the app. If the app is reinstalled after 24 hours, the number of pending notifications will be reseted and updated when you log in the application.


Look & feel

When an assignation occurs, the push notification is prompted when:

The app is closed or is in background




The app is in foreground (Active)




The device is locked




When you tap the notification, the case opens automatically.


How to enable push notifications

For On-premises offer, create a Support Ticket, requesting the activation of Push notifications. Our support agents send you the Client Id and client secret keys which should be included.


Follow this procedure to activate the Push notifications in your project.


1. Once you receive the keys, go to the WebApplication folder inside your project folder. This folder is typically located at C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project_Name]\.




2. Edit the Web.config file with the text editor you choose and add the following keys in the appSettings section:

<add key="NotificationServicesUri"  value="https://notification.bizagi.com/api/" />

<add key="NotificationServiceClient" value="[ClientID]" />
<add key="NotificationServiceSecret" value="[ClientSecret]" />

Where [ClientID] and [ClientSecret] were sent by support team




3. Restart the IIS and its services either from the options using the IIS Manager or by opening a command prompt (with administrator privileges) and running: iisreset.


4. Users start receiving Push notifications once they log in the applications, if they were logged in before performing this configurations, they need to log out and log in again.