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Publish to Wiki


Generate your complete process documentation to Wiki format and share it throughout your organization.

Customize the output information that you want to include in your document by selecting the diagrams and the elements that will be contained in it.



Make sure you have MediaWiki installed in your server and a user with publishing rights, when you generate this documentation.

Please review the versions support


Bizagi provides an intuitive wizard to helps you through the steps to generate your documentation.


1. Go to the Publish tab and select Wiki.




2. For each Diagram select the elements that you wish to publish in the documentation.
You can select all elements of all diagrams using the GeneratinWeb6 button.  By ticking this button ALL your diagrams and their elements will be set as  Selected Elements to publish. Any individual diagram configuration will be lost.




You can also choose specific elements from each diagram by using the GeneratinWeb8 button or double clicking them.




3. For each diagram select the order in which you wish the elements to be exported.

By default elements are organized according to the sequence of the process flow .


To move an element from its default position, select the element and click on the GeneratinWeb16 button until you find the position you want.




Click on the GeneratinWeb18 button and they will be ordered automatically.

When you are satisfied with the order of the elements for each diagram, click on Next.


4. The following Information about the Wiki Server will be requested:


Server: URL of your Wiki Server

User and Password: User credentials to access your server. The user must have writing permissions.

NameSpace: To help you differentiate thees process articles from others that are already published in your wiki, Bizagi allows you to enter a word that will be set before all the created pages.

Category: To help you organize your documentation we recommend that you include a category to group the pages created in your wiki.


Click on Finish  to publish the documentation on the selected server.




Wiki Output

Once the process has been published on your Wiki, you will be able to see the description of your diagrams.




Click on your process to see the detailed information and elements.






You will be able to see the documentation of any shape by clicking on it.




To perform quick searches on the elements of your process, use the contents table. This will allow you to quickly see the information of the shapes including basic and extended attributes.




Wiki version support

We support the following MediaWiki combinations with PHP

Wiki 1.14.x with PHP 5.2.17

Wiki 1.15.x with PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.10

Wiki 1.16.x with PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.10

Wiki 1.17.0 with PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.10

  Versions 1.17.1, 1.17.2 y 1.17.3 are not supported

Wiki 1.18 with PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.10

Wiki 1.19 with PHP 5.3

Wiki 1.20 with PHP 5.3

Wiki 1.21 with PHP 5.3

Wiki 1.22 with PHP 5.3



To publish both content and images into your Wiki server, make sure:


1. That the physical upload directory has permissions set to allow creation and edition of pages and files.

Similarly, the images directory set by default as "C:\Web\[your_mediaWiki_folder]\images\" should be granted with full rights.  


2. That the LocalSettings.php configuration file, contains the following settings:


$wgGroupPermissions['user']['upload'] = true;

$wgFileExtensions = array('png','gif','jpg','jpeg','doc','xls','mpp','pdf','ppt','tiff','bmp','docx', 'xlsx', 'pptx','ps','odt','ods','odp','odg');

$wgEnableUploads = True;



For MediaWiki version 1.20, use:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['upload'] = true;

$wgFileExtensions = array('png','gif','jpg','jpeg','doc','xls','mpp','pdf','ppt','tiff','bmp','docx', 'xlsx', 'pptx','ps','odt','ods','odp','odg');

$wgEnableUploads = True;