Process Xchange

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Process Xchange

Bizagi Process Xchange provides several ready-to-use executable Processes that you can use to get a head-start in your organization's automation initiatives. You can customize them to your company’s particular needs. Follow the next steps to import a Process Template to your Bizagi Studio. Learn, explore and adapt the Process in any way you like!






Before getting started be sure to have installed the LAST Bizagi version. You will need an Internet connection.


1. To access and download the Process Xchange, click Process Xchange.

A new window will be displayed with a list of existing templates. If you have issues viewing this window, refer to the following article.




2. Browse the Process Xchange. Click any Process to learn more about it.


3. Learn all you need to know about each Process through the videos, documents and more.




4. When you find a Process you like you can download it right away and start using it immediately! Click the Install Now button to download it for free.




5. A wizard will guide you through the installation Process. You can choose to download it to an existing project, if you have one, or to a New Project.



If you are using Bizagi Studio Portable edition, you cannot create new projects. Therefore, you must be joined to an existing project. You can find the list of projects already joined.




6. After downloading is complete, it will be automatically installed in your Bizagi Studio. As soon as the Wizard is finished, browse through the Work Portal to get to know your Process. Feel free to customize the Process to your particular needs and use it in your organization!


If you accessed the Process Xchange through the File tab in Bizagi Studio, the Template will install in the CURRENT PROCESS OPENED.


Important considerations - Please read

The Templates have to be imported one by one.

ALWAYS perform an iisreset before executing the process in the Work Portal.

The Templates will have emails DISABLED. You must configure your SMTP server to enable emails in order to avoid errors in the Work Portal.

Templates do not import users. Tests can be performed with an administrator before creating any user.

To test the assignment rules you can create the users according to the roles that each task has defined. Alternatively, you can create your own assignment rules and then, create the users that best suit your needs.

When creating users be sure to check the Notify by Email option if email messages are going to be sent.

A Template cannot be imported to an existing database if there are entities or Processes using the exact same name.

If you have imported a Template and have changed the name or type of an attribute or you have changed the name of an entity, it will not be possible to import the same Template to that project again.

If you want to test the Timers, start the Scheduler.

If you want to use the Work Portal in Spanish, you need to enable the ES language and restart your Work Portal services.

The Process Xchange is a service provided and hosted by Bizagi Ltd.

Therefore, to use this option directly from Bizagi Studio you will need internet connection and it is recommended to review that is set as a trusted site in your browser's configuration: