Reports and Process Analytics

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Reports and Process Analytics


Bizagi offers a comprehensive set of performance indicators for historical and real time analysis. Observations and conclusions obtained from these indicators help analysts understand the process and identify opportunities for improvement.


Bizagi provides a comprehensive set of reports to monitor your business operation in real time showing which Activities or Processes are on time, overdue or at risk. (The term “at risk” means that the cases will expire within a period equal or less than the defined in the Risk signal property of processes. By default the risk signal is 24 hours). Through this feature you can anticipate or identify problems, reassign work and manage risk in order to meet your performance goals.


Bizagi also allows for performance monitoring of historical information. These indicators enable Process owners and business managers to gain insight into business operations: bottlenecks, resource performance, service levels and trends. Each of these categories forms the basis for a more detailed identification of opportunities to improve Process performance.


You can drill down to a specific case within any of the reports to view its flow path, the participants, among other things.


Bizagi's Report tools are accessed in the Report menu of the Work Portal.




Reports are classified as:


BAM: Business Activity Monitoring provides graphical information about the status of pending cases and Activities classified by Process.

Analytics: Provides graphical information about Processes performance based on closed cases.

Sensors: Allows extracting information of the user defined sensors in the Process. These sensors comprise of Counters and Stopwatches.

My Reports: Allows access to Reports saved by a user.