Portals integration

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Portals integration


Bizagi offers a powerful architecture which features a services tier promoting easy reusability of its user interfaces.

Through this approach, Bizagi supports integration with portals by providing a set of Web parts, in scenarios where you wish to use Bizagi from one of your corporate systems.


While having Bizagi embedded in your corporate portal, end users will get the same user interfaces as presented by Bizagi (with their actions and validations) externally.

This means as well, that submitted user interfaces will automatically undergo through the same business rules and logic behind in the workflow (e.g, sending e-mails, performing routing or calculations and operations), as if these were worked on directly in Bizagi.


Further information

If you use SharePoint server for your corporate portal, you may enrich your portal environment with digital platform and BPM capabilities through this agile and easy integration (without the need of programming).

Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint is an out-of-the-box feature to directly embed Bizagi into SharePoint, without ever leaving your intranet.


These Web automatically handle Single Sign-On capabilities and are available as an add-on to be installed at your SharePoint On-premises server or in SharePoint Online.




For more information refer to Bizagi Web parts for SharePoint.


For other portals different than SharePoint, you may use web parts as provided in each Bizagi project, by making sure you guarantee a shared authentication between Bizagi and your portal.



Remember that when you are using Web parts for portals integration, you must add the domain of the site you are integrating in the Trusted domains (CORS)

Cross-origin Resource Sharing parameter of the environment configuration (Advanced features).


For more information refer to Using Web parts for other portals.