Password Encryption

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Password Encryption


Password encryption allows you to add an extra security layer to passwords or other relevant information in your project, for example to protect the Database's password. This features encrypts any text string using the DES encryption algorithm. The result is a set of characters which hides the information of the password. This feature is available through the Work Portal and may be used regardless the environment.

An example of its use is in the Advanced Deployment. It is very important to protect the configuration files against unauthorized access, however, we strongly suggest to add an extra security layer by using our encryption feature available in the Work Portal to encrypt the password inside those files.  


How to cipher text

In the Work Portal, click on Admin and then in the Security menu select Password Encryption.




This will display a window in which, you can cipher any text you want.

Type the string to cipher in the Encryption Text field and confirm in the field below. This will make sure that the text entered for the first time is correct. If both fields do not match, the password will not be ciphered.

Finally, click Encrypt.




The Ciphetext field will display the password encrypted. Copy this string and paste it wherever it is required.