Overview, empowering people to drive digital transformation

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Overview, empowering people to drive digital transformation



Bizagi empowers people and companies to drive digital transformation by delivering rapid process automation across the enterprise.

Our platform wraps around existing IT systems, giving organizations the immediate business agility and process orchestration required to compete in the digital economy.

Bizagi boosts productivity, increases operational agility and overhauls customer experience by empowering knowledge workers with customized, contextualized experiences across all types of operational processes (whether structured, dynamic or ad-hoc).


Bizagi is enriched by our unique community of over 500,000 digital process experts across the globe, creating and sharing applications, processes and integration adapters.



Bizagi focuses on delivering the three key characteristics of operational processes and knowledge worker experiences that underpin successful digital transformation programs:


1. Agile: deep collaborative features to foster innovation and experimentation between business and IT teams, boosting operational productivity and speed, while still maintaining IT control.

Key Features: model-driven process automation, Build Once – Run Anywhere, Structured and ad-hoc process support, Empower workers to manage the unexpected.


2. Engaging: empower knowledge workers with personalized, contextualized experiences - helping employees engage better with each other and their customer.

Key Features: data-driven work portal, Experience Designer, Contextualization and personalization, Case collaboration.


3. Connected: a super-fast process layer that wraps around legacy IT systems and applications, for optimization of customer-centric operating models.

Key Features: integration Connectors & APIs, Data Virtualization & Replication, Native mobile apps for all devices, Embed Bizagi in 3rd party portals.




The leading software platform for agile, engaging and connected digital processes: platform focused on enabling both structured and ad-hoc knowledge worker processes via contextualized digital experiences.


Business and IT collaboration: a platform that facilitates effective collaboration between Business & IT, enabling rapid co-creation of digital processes and applications.


A risk-free commercial model driven by our customer community: no initial fees, no time limits, pay for execution only! Our risk free model, coupled with extensive free training materials and content shared across our global community of >500,000 users, helps make sure rapid digital transformation.


A proven services methodology to ignite rapid change: using our Spark methodology for rapid digital business change, we’ve enabled digital processes for blue-chip companies around the world.


Huge advocacy across 500+ enterprise customers globally: a platform that runs some of the most complex digital work scenarios on earth, powering enterprise operations and delighting our customers.


Each tool in Bizagi (Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and Automation Server) helps you manage the complete life-cycle of your business processes.


Bizagi Modeler: recognized by our community as the most powerful BPMN modeling environment in the market, Bizagi lets business experts design, document, execute and evolve their process model with complete confidence. Intuitive drag and drop, code-free updates and automatic document generation tools make this a seamless experience, even without technical knowledge.


Bizagi Studio: thanks to Bizagi's “modeling over programming” philosophy, business experts have everything they need to transform process models into real, running applications and Workflows. From defining your data model and UI to integrating IT assets and everything in between, Bizagi's in-built wizard supports you every step of the way.


Automation Server: deployed on .NET to fit whatever architecture you have in place, Automation Server executes and controls the business processes automated by Bizagi Studio. “Update-once and change-everywhere” optimizes the workload up and down your value chain, reducing time and cost. Bizagi's unique multi-language portal makes pending activities easy to visualize, while KPIs provide total control over process performance


Bizagi Studio offers an integrated Modeler. However, we encourage you to diagram and document your processes in our Bizagi Modeler and then automate with Bizagi Studio.