Customizing controls behavior

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Customizing controls behavior

You can customize how controls behave in the Work Portal according to your business requirements.

Bizagi provides a user-friendly wizard to manage controls in each form, called Actions & Validations.


Actions & Validations evaluate conditions over one or more controls included in your Form to:

Change the control's color

Change the control's background color

Make your controls visible / invisible

Make your controls editable or read-only

Make your controls mandatory or optional

Set a value for a control

Set a minimum / maximum boundary value for a control

Collapse a group

Set a Tab as active

Display (throw) validation messages to end users


Remember that:

In the Basic tab of each control's properties you will find the Visible, Editable and Required properties.

These options allow you to define if a control has ALWAYS the same behavior (enabled or disable setting is fixed) or defines if an expression (or business rule) must be evaluated to determine the behavior.

However, you only really need to use expressions when evaluating complex business situations. We recommend using Actions & Validations over expressions, when applicable.