Organization Wizard

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Organization Wizard

The Organization Wizard allows all changes to the organization's characteristics to be made in one sitting, instead of creating the characteristics one by one as previously described.


To access the Organization Wizard, go to the Expert view, select the Organizations module and right-click on Organizations. Then select Edit Organization.




The Organization Wizard will be displayed.


In the first step of the wizard, edit the Organization Name and Time schema configurations. In this window, you can also choose which components to set in this configuration.

When you have chosen the components, click Next .




The second step allows you to manage Positions. Use the buttons to add, edit or remove positions. Additionally you can change the hierarchy order by using the up and down arrows.




To add a record, click the New button and fill in the required information.




To edit a record, select the position and click on the Edit button. Change the information.




To delete a record, select the position to remove and click Delete , then click Yes to the confirmation message displayed.




Locations, Areas, Roles, Skills and User properties are configured in the subsequent steps using the same structure as mentioned above.


In Role, Skills and User Properties only New, Delete and Edit options are enabled. No arrow buttons are necessary since there is no hierarchy for these organizational components.






Click Finish to save all changes.