Obtain the file name of an uploaded file

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Obtain the file name of an uploaded file

In many situations it is desirable to obtain the name of a file previously uploaded in order to perform different actions, for instance, validate if the file has an specific extension, number of characters etc.


To obtain the name of a file uploaded you must create an expression. In it obtain the list of files uploaded in a file-type attribute and go through each record of the array and extracting the name of each one.


The following expression shows how the name of a file stored in the Documents file-type attribute (from the Business Opportunity entity) is obtained supposing there is only one file updated in it. The name obtained is then displayed to the user through a validation message by using the CHelper.ThrowValidationError function. This expression is executed when Save is clicked in the form of a task for testing purposes.




//Obtain array of files

var UploadedFile = Me.getXPath("BusinessOpportunity.RelatedDocuments");

//Validate there are files in the array

if(UploadedFile.size() > 0){

//Obtain the file. Remember we assumed there is only 1, so the position of the array is 0

    var Filename = UploadedFile.get(0).getXPath("FileName");

  // Show the Filename

    CHelper.ThrowValidationError("File name =" + Filename);



From the Work Portal in the form where the expression was configured, you can validate the file name is correctly returned.