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My Cases


My Cases displays those cases which are relevant to the Stakeholder logged in.

Relevance is determined both automatically by Bizagi, and as per a Stakeholder's explicit decision.




This section is part of the personalized Me menu, which is described at Me.


Cases detail

Cases accessed from either of the two groups mentioned above, are presented in a format that differs from how cases are presented when accessed from the Inbox.


The Inbox presents cases with a summarized information (details of the default columns), while My cases uses a customizable template which:

Can include enriched detail such as images, providing a more appealing and self-explanatory first look at each case.

Presents new options that make the most out of the Experience design concepts, such as the Following mark (i.e. the star icon) or the possibility to trigger actions (or batch actions).




Cases presented can be either ongoing or closed ones, given that these are presented under two different views: Pending and Following.

In the Pending view, the Stakeholder will find a list of all cases that are currently allocated to them.

These are all opened and ongoing cases which need to be worked on.

For detailed information about the Pending view, refer to Pending.


In the Following view the Stakeholder will find all the cases marked as favorite, which are represented with a filled star icon (star).

By default, all cases that they have started are marked as favorites.

This view includes both opened and closed cases, and the Stakeholder may unmark them at any time.

For detailed information about the Following view, refer to Following.