Expert View

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Expert View

The Expert View is an advanced that extends the configuration of the components and functionalities that can be used in processes without having to follow the step-by-step procedure proposed in the Wizard view. For example, from the Expert view you can configure external systems, authorizations and organization elements.

We recommend to make use of the Wizard view to complete the creation of your processes, and access the Expert View to add advanced options that can not be handled through the Wizard view, such as: creating your organization, managing the Work Portal security, managing the scheduler, creating global business rules, creating global forms, managing parameter entities, among others.




The Expert View has the following options.

Processes: provides the functionality to organize your project's process structure and contains all applications and its processes. You can classify by applications, categories and processes.


Entities: holds a list of all the entities in your data model. You can create, delete and manage all entities: master, parameter, system and application entities. In addition the same actions can be preformed on attributes and forms that belong to each entity.


Business rules: contains all global business rules. Global business rules can be reused in a specific application or across projects.


Organization: allows you to define the hierarchical structure of the company and the association between the different people and areas.  


External Systems: lets you set and manage external systems integration with your Bizagi project. The Systems module manages the configuration for: ECM connectors (integration with document management systems), virtual and replicated entities (data level integration with an existing repository), and interface administration (web service or REST service invocations) in your processes.


Bots: in this section you can find all the integration options with the supported Bots and RPA vendors. The Bots module manages the configurations for general Bots provided by Bizagi and with different RPA vendors. Everything you configure here, will be available for usage and integrating with your project.


Analysis: provides organizations with management indicators that are fully comprehensive and easy to interpret based on accurate, real time business information. A Dimension is a set of values by which the reports can be filtered.


Localization: provides the functionality to set the translation for those objects which are specific to your implementation, such as names of processes, roles and further definitions in your organization, user interfaces for activities and their fields. Refer to localization, for more information.


Security: allows you to define the Authentication schema for the Work Portal and define the set of permissions for the Work Portal menus and processes, based on specific roles and user groups.


Scheduler: permits creation of Custom jobs. Jobs are business rules that can be carried out periodically. They are not associated to a specific process, but rather are general expressions for all processes.


Large explorer bar: enlarges or shrinks the icons on the Modules bar.


Aiming to standardize, and homogenize your business requirements, you can modify in the expert view the name of the properties: Applications, Attributes, Categories, Entities, Expressions, Facts and Processes. Keep in mind that if you perform this change, you must also modify the name in the corresponding dependencies.