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The My Cases section lists cases which are relevant to a Stakeholder, as described at My Cases.

Relevance is determined both automatically by Bizagi, and as per a Stakeholder's explicit decision.


This section describes cases presented under the view called Following, and how this feature works.




Following cases

The Following view will automatically list those cases which were created by you.

Such cases will start off by default, having the Me_FollowingIcon0 marking that identifies them as cases you would want to track (given that you are the owner of that case, and are most likely to be interested in its progress).

This is especially helpful whenever you don't explicitly participate in activities (or don't have events or anything else assigned to them) further along in the undergoing process.




At any time, you may decide to unmark cases so that these do not show up under Following.

To do so, just click on the green star icon so that it toggles to an un-filled marking (Me_FollowingIcon1):




You may also decide to mark any case at all in which you particularly have certain interest (i.e, that you consider relevant for your work), by toggling that mark when viewing that given case.


Quick facts regarding the Following view

Consider these benefits when using Following:


1. This view is automatically enabled for end users who are Stakeholders, while not demanding any previous configuration.

2. This view is compatible with case security and its private setting.

This means that users who are not authorized to see the cases they don't participate on, won't be able to track them either under Following.

3. This view displays closed cases as well.

Recall that at any moment, the user may choose freely if he/she wants these to no longer show up and stop to follow a case.