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This function returns the smallest value of a set of numbers.




The parameters of this function can be defined as Xpaths, variables or numbers, and must be between brackets



Input parameters must be double.

The supported attribute types to use as input XPath parameter (or Xpaths stored in variables) are: integer, currency, float, real.

The function returns error if an input array is either too long or undefined.

Use the IsNaN function to validate the parameters used are numbers.



A loan application is rejected if the applicant or co-borrower bureau score is less than 100. You can use the Min function to evaluate which is the lowest bureau score and based on that define if the application is rejected or not:




//Obtain the lowest bureau score between the applicant and their borrower

Worstscore= CHelper.Math.Min(<LoanApplication.Applicant.Score>,<LoanApplication.Coborrower.Score>)

//Evaluate if the lowest score is less than or equal to 100

if (Worstscore<=100)


//If so, reject the application

<LoanApplication.Rejected>= true;



//If not, do not reject the application

<LoanApplication.Rejected>= false;