Managing Policies in the Work Portal

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Managing Policies in the Work Portal

Bizagi offers a simple graphical environment which enables business analysts to define and manage Policies. These are managed independently of the individual Processes in such a way that they can be shared by other Processes.


Business Policies, Rules groups, Preconditions and Decision tables can be managed and modified from the Work Portal by end users when necessary. This procedure is facilitated by the use of a Vocabulary.



From the Work Portal, Policies can be edited, they cannot be deleted or created.


Edit Policies in the Work Portal

1. Click on the Business Policies option from the Admin menu inside the Process Management category.




2. Select the Application, the Process and the Policy from the location where it was created.

In the work area on the right, you will be able to create or modify existing Policy items.

To add items to the existing Policy, select the Policy item to display and choose from the list at the bottom of the screen.

Double-click the Policy to enable the Edit Policy rule option to alter an existing condition.




3. Once the choice to add or edit is made, the following window will display to allow any required changes.




All the created Vocabulary is available in the Components tab, this way you can create or modify conditions and actions.




Manage policies in Production

When a project is taken to the Production environment for the first time, the font of all the Policy definitions will show in gray. The moment a Policy is changed, a Reset label will appear alongside it and the font will become bold.




If you click the Reset label, the Policy will be overwritten immediately to its initial value (as defined in Development). In the next deployment, all Policies marked as reset (the ones who have the Development's initial values) will be restored to their initial values as defined in the Development environment.

If you make changes to any Policy in the Production environment, it will be preserved in future deployments.

If you want to overwrite Production’s settings with changes made in Development, restore the Policy to its original values (using the Reset button) and then perform a deployment.