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Main Menu


The Main Menu allows access to different options to create cases, manage the Processes' performance, manage the portal, among others.

The menus are displayed according to each user's configuration and security authorization. As a result, not all menus will be available for all users.









Shows the user's Stuff, Cases and Plans according to the designed experience defined for the Stakeholders in Bizagi Studio. To learn more information related to Stakeholders please refer to this article.







Shows the user's pending Activities and the state of each one. The various states (on time, at risk and overdue) are depicted with different colors for easy identification.


New Case





Creates a new case, or Process instance, of the selected Process.


Processes are displayed in accordance with the Bizagi project structure: application, category, subcategory, and Process.

The structure shown follows this logic:
- App is shown with the list of processes if there are no categories  created

- Categories are shown if there is more than one on the same level WITH processes available for the user.


The view shows two icons, one with the Recent processes used (clock icon), and one with all processes available for the user to create (list icon).










Allows accessing data through customized queries by means of Query Forms. These queries are used to carry out searches that meet certain business and/or Process criteria, with the option to generate reports to analyze using a Graphical Analysis tool.



This menu gives access to the Processes' performance reports. We highly recommend to manage this menu's security to make sure that only appropriate end users have access to it.







The Process BAM menu allows you to analyze the current state of ongoing cases.

Activity BAM

The Activity BAM allows you to analyze the current state of ongoing Activities.

Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor allows you to analyze the current workload and performance of end users and work teams.


Process Analytics

The Process Analytics present a summary of the cases and Activities that are currently closed.

Activity Analytics

The Activity Analytics present information of Activities that belong to closed cases.

Sensor Analytics

Sensor Analytics

The Sensor Analytics provide information of the paths and counters defined by the user.

My Reports

My Reports

This option allows access to previously saved reports.


Live Process

This menu allows users to create process directly from the Work Portal. We highly recommend to manage this menu's security to make sure that only appropriate end users have access to it.




Manage Live Processes

Allows managing the Live Processes created by the users in order to publish them or manage them under their different stages. For further information, refer to Managing Live Processes.

New Live Process

Allows producing a new Live Process. For further information, refer to Designing Live Processes.

Manage User Groups of Live Processes

Allows managing the Live Process user groups. For more information, refer to Managing user groups.



The following options are intended to be used for administrator users. We recommend reviewing the security options to restrict access based on the user profile.





Enables the administration of Parameter Entities in order to modify, add or disable records. For further information please refer to values of Parameter entities in the Work Portal.


Enables administration of the users, to update existing users or create new ones.  For further information please refer to Users Administration.

User permissions report

Downloads a copy of the user permissions report in an excel format. For further information please refer to User permissions report.

Business Policies

Manages Business policies, Policy groups, Preconditions, Decision tables and vocabularies in real time.

Theme Builder

Opens in a new windows the Theme Builder. Allowing the user to modify the Work Portal look and feel, logo, and customize every Work Portal components.


Manages the users associated with Stakeholders.

Authentication Log Query

Permits administrators to review the log of authentication queries made by a user.

Password Encryption

Encrypts the password used to access the database in order to increase information security.

Locked accounts

Displays pending request associated with blocked user accounts. For further information please refer to User Pending Request


Permits to reassign Activities or to abort cases.


Activities Console

Manages asynchronous tasks that have failed.

Manage Default Assignation User

Enables definition or amendment of the default assignation users of the Processes. Remember that a default assignation user is used to assign cases where allocation criteria is not met. For more information about default assignation user please refer to Work Allocation


Allows the inclusion or deletion of users from the following items: Position, Role, Skill ,User group and Organization. View Profiles for further information


Allows to generate warnings or alarm notifications when an Activity is about to expire, expires or has expired.


Enables the administration of Licenses.


Allows the user to create, edit and delete Dimensions

Project Name

Changes the name of the project displayed when opened in a mobile app.

Language settings

Manages the language and translations of the Work Portal components.







Allows to search cases by their creation number, and search data through any predefined search.


User options




When the user icon is selected, some options are displayed. Please refer to the following table, where each option is detailed.





Allows the user to change the font size of the Work Portal.


Allows end users to download a report having their personal data (as set in the WFUser entity) for GDPR compliance purposes.

Preferences - User tab

Enables the logged user to update the information in his/her profile. The modifiable information is given by the User properties defined in Bizagi Studio. If there is a Form customized for this menu, the form will display. If not, Bizagi will auto-generate a default form.

Preferences - Display options tab

Displays the following options:

Open full-screen windows: when selected, the modal windows in the Work Portal will open maximized. This setting applies for all modal windows displays.

Always collapse activity sidebars: when selected, the sidebar of activities are collapsed by default whenever its form is opened.

Return to Inbox when tasks are finished: when selected, you are redirected automatically to Inbox after clicking Next on the last pending activity of a case.


Keep in mind that these settings are stored in the browser of the machine where the Work Portal is being accessed. This means that if cookies are cleaned, or if users log into the Work Portal from another machine they need to configure this again to have the desired user experience.

Mobile code

Obtains the Work Portal's QR code to log in the mobile application. For further information please refer to QR code Log-in.


Displays the installed version of Bizagi.


Closes the current session in the Work Portal