Bizagi Studio Server Installer

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Bizagi Studio Server Installer


When Bizagi Studio is installed using the server installation, it creates all the components needed to run a project. You can use this installation for your teamwork setup, or if you need to create projects locally.


To run an environment, Bizagi needs some components to be installed in your server or machine. These components are installed in each environment. Using Bizagi Studio as your development environment requires to install these components as well.


When you create a project in Bizagi Studio, there are some components that Bizagi needs to run the project:




Before you start

Before installing Bizagi Studio server installer, make sure that you fulfill the requirements:


System requirements.

Bizagi server requirements.

If you want to install a database server apart, see the Database requisites.


What is installed with Bizagi Studio server installation?

When installing Bizagi Studio using the server installation, the following programs and components are added to the machine:


Bizagi Studio: Bizagi's development and construction tool used to automate the defined Processes via an easy-to-use wizard.

Bizagi Management Console: is the application used by Automation Server to manage environments to perform maintenance activities. For more information, refer to Bizagi Management Console.

SQL Server Express 2017: if you don't have an installed SQL Server database, you can select the option to include a local installation of SQL Server Express 2017.

Bizagi Standard Server Operation Service: this service handles the communication between environments during operations such as project creation and update, deployment, licensing, nodes administration, among others.

Bizagi Connector Service: this service is responsible for the execution of the Bizagi connectors installed in your project.

Connector monitor: this is a Windows scheduled task, executed by the Task Scheduler, that check the status of the Connector service. See Connector monitor.


note_pinImportant considerations

SQL Server Express 2017 is not compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Nonetheless, you can still install Bizagi Studio and install independently a compatible SQL Server.


If you are going to install Bizagi with the default database, SQL Server Express 2017, keep in mind that you cannot install SQL Server Express 2017 when C++ Redistributable 2017 is installed. Uninstall it before installing SQL Server Express 2017. You can reinstall it after.


Where to install Bizagi Studio?

Install Bizagi Studio in your machine for a quick start setup, useful to achieve fast results for demos, product evaluation or prototypes.

For more information refer to Quick start setup.

Note that at any moment, you may easily move your project from that quick start setup into a teamwork collaboration server (for the development/authoring environment), while keeping its progress.


If you wish to have multiple users working together in the same processes, follow the teamwork collaboration setup.

You can create a new project when setting up a teamwork collaboration, or as mentioned, you can move your existing project into that central server for that development/authoring environment.For more information refer to Teamwork collaboration setup.


Installation Checklist

Bizagi Studio can be used with different configurations: for Studio Collaboration services or  for On-premises Standalone projects . Based on this configuration you must meet some installation requirements. This section summarizes the installation checklist for each scenario:


Bizagi Studio for On-premises projects

The following table summarizes the installation checklist. Bear in mind that these are installation prerequisites before running the Bizagi Studio installer:



Feature or element to install



Install a database engine


see Database prerequisites

Install a database engine

You can also use the Bizagi Studio SQL 2017 installer.

Set up the collation

Use case-insensitive (CI), not a turkish collation. We recommend SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

enable TCP/IP for the database instance


Define authorized login accounts

Usually the sa user is defined for project creation.

Install the web server (IIS), turning the following windows features on


See Bizagi server requisites

Web management tool

IIS 6 Management compatability

IIS 6 management console


IIS metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatability


IIS Management console


IIS Management scripts and tools


IIS Management service


World wide web services

Application development

.NET Extensibility 3.5


.NET Extensibility 4.6








ISAPI Extensions


ISAPI Filters


Common HTTP features

Default document


Directory browsing


HTTP Errors


Static Content


Performance features

Dynamic content compression


Static content compression



Basic authentication


Request filtering


Windows authentication


IP and domain restrictions

Not available in Windows 10