Importing diagrams

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Importing diagrams


Bizagi Modeler allows you to import diagrams from:


Microsoft Office Visio or

XPDL format files.


Importing existing models will enhance agility and continuous process improvement efforts.


You can also import the Extended Attributes that you created in a previous model and use then in your current model.

We highly recommend using the same Extended Attributes within all your models. This allows you to maintain a uniform standard for all your documented processes.


Click here for more information about Extended Attributes


Click here for more information about Importing Extended Attributes


Why do you need to import?

Process diagramming requires a lot of dedication. Organizations often devote a significant amount of time and resources to it, and may use several diagramming tools.

If this is the case and you have existing diagrammed Processes, all that valuable work will not be wasted. You can import your diagrams to the Bizagi Process Model and seamlessly continue to diagram and document.