Windows 10

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Windows 10


Bizagi processes require a web server for their execution.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is supported as the web server executing processes in a .NET platform, as described at IIS configuration.


When using Bizagi Studio and before you create a new project, you will need to make sure that the IIS is installed and configured as described below.



Windows 10 includes Internet Information Services version 10.

In such operating system, this installation may not be included by default.


Installing IIS and its components

To install the IIS and review that its required components are active, follow these steps:


1. Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and click on Turn Windows features on or off.


2. Make sure you mark the check boxes to activate the required components in the IIS.

Notice that some check boxes are marked by default, and these must be left unchanged because they are too part of the required configuration.




3. Click on OK to finish up the configuration.

This may take up a minute or two. These changes may require rebooting the machine.


Verifying IIS and the default web site

Once the IIS is installed and in order to make sure that you can create projects, open the IIS Manager by using the inet command or by locating the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager access from the Administrative tools folder (Control Panel -> System and Security).




Then, make sure that you have the Default Web site under the listed Sites of your server, and see it enabled and in a started status:




At this point, you are set to create new Bizagi projects.