How to upload images through external systems

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How to upload images through external systems


Bizagi enables the users to upload images and associate them with an Image-type attribute through their powerful APIs from external applications. To do so, you may use either OData services or SOAP Web services.


Uploading images through OData Services

To upload images using the OData Services, you must use either the Processes related methods or Cases related methods that use an HTTP POST method (e.g. Processes startup data or Data to complete Activities from the Work Portal).


To upload an image through these methods, the following JSON must be included in the body to send the image's parameter:



      "startParameters": [


           "xpath": "[xpath_name]",

           "files": [{

                 "fileName: "[image_name]"

                 "data": "[Image in a Base64 String format]"        






The following image shows an example of the JSON structure when the activity completion service is invoked.




Note that the response of the server is the ID of the case. This means that the sentence was executed successfully and the image was uploaded correctly.


Uploading images through SOAP Web Services

Images can also be uploaded using SOAP Web Services. To know more about how to upload images through these services, click here.



Take into account that you can upload images through SOAP Web Services only with the methods of the WorkflowEngineSOA component. For more information about such methods, refer to WorkflowEngineSOA Web methods.