GDPR compliance in Bizagi Portals

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GDPR compliance in Bizagi Portals

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an European privacy law, becoming enforceable on May 25, 2018.  

It strengthens data security and governance regarding personal data of individuals, throughout the principles and requirements it mandates.


Privacy and security are always top critical aspects for Bizagi Ltd.  

And because users which register at the Bizagi website (i.e, the Bizagi community users), are located all around the globe, including the EU, Bizagi Ltd is proud to announce its commitment to the GDPR compliance, along with the enforcement of privacy and protection of personal data of our Bizagi community users.


Bizagi community users are those individuals having a registered account at, which in turn grants authenticated access to:

1.E-learning material (

2.Free forums in all languages and for all Bizagi Ltd products (

3.Paid Modeler Services for both Personal or Workgroup plans (

4.The Portal for customers, to make use of Basic or Premium support regarding paid licenses of Automation Server (

5.The Portal for Bizagi partners, or for access regarding Universities which are signed up in the academic license program (

6.Administration options in the Management Portal of an Automation Service subscription (

7.Free download as well as free use of the Bizagi Studio and the Bizagi Modeler (two specific products featured by Bizagi Ltd).


When you are in an Enterprise subscription, you are granted authenticated access to the next portals according to the services acquired:

Customer Portal (Https://customer-portal-[Company]

Automation's Management Console Web (test, staging, or production environments, https://manage-[Company]-[EnvironmentName]

Studio Collaboration's Management Console Web (development environment, https://manage-dev-[Company]-[EnvironmentName]

Enterprise Studio Collaboration's Bizagi Studio log in.

Artificial Intelligence Portal (https://ai-[Company]

Business Insight Portal (https://bi-[Company]

Modeler Portal (The Process Library, http://model-[company]

Enterprise Modeler desktop application login.


Therefore, and either if you access regularly, or have accessed at least once any of the above services, then the options presented in this section are eligible for your account: these are available for you to identify, manage and protect your personal data.