Forms security: check-in / check-out

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Forms security: check-in / check-out

To avoid users overwriting each other's changes in a single Form, Bizagi provides a Check-in / Check-out functionality.

As soon as a Form is opened to perform changes, it is automatically locked for other users.


Thus, the first user to open a Form is able to change it. If someone else opens the same form while it is checked-out, then a message will display informing who has it locked, and it will display as read-only, as shown below.




When the Form is in read-only (checked-out by someone else) only the Data model will be available to navigate.

Tabs, Properties, Nested forms, Tables, Links will NOT be enabled to review.


Check-in or enabling for edition

In order to make the form available for edition for the rest of the users, that is, checking-in the form, the user who locked it only needs to close it. Bizagi will automatically handle the check-out and check-in whenever someone opens or closes a form.


Force check-in

As a last resort option, in case there is the urgent need to modify a form that a user has checked-out, the Force check-in feature is available.