End user requirements

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End user requirements


Bizagi provides its services using several web-based platforms where, you can can interact with the process you have built during the automation journey or manage your users, environments and configurations.


To access these portals, you and your users must meet some requirements, which are explained below.


Available Bizagi Web Portals


Work Portal

Sites editor

Widgets & Connector Editors

Management Console Web (Cloud customers)

Customer Portal (Cloud Customers)



To access any of the available portals, you need a browser (either: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (with chromium), Mozilla Firefox) with both cookies and pop ups enabled. See system requirements for more information.


For the Work Portal, if you are using Chrome or Edge as your browser, it is recommended browse using HTTPS. If you don't have certificates for the development or testing environments you can create a self-issued certificate for your test and development environments to avoid errors when trying to complete tasks. Refer to How to create a digital certificate with subjectAltName support for more information.


For mobile access we strongly recommend using Bizagi’s Mobile application downloadable for iOS and Android devices. However, the Work Portal is also accessible using the mobile’s browser.


Connector editor works using Safari only in Apple devices. The Connector Editor is not supported when using Safari in Windows.


All the Bizagi Web Portals have features which requires download of files. Ensure your browser has the download settings enabled to support these features.