Enabling query engine ODS support

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Enabling query engine ODS support


This feature extends ODS functionality and increase performance by using Query Engine. This uses an efficient way to retrieve information to the database and therefore boost performance in BAM and Analysis.

Along with replicated databases, this feature reduces the stress generated in the database by using Query Engine and ODS.

This feature does not have a negative impact in Bizagi performance. In fact, it may improve the application performance.

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Since Query Engine has the same behavior when reporting with ODS or BAM, it only request information and never writes data in the database.

In other words, while using this feature system never writes on tables, therefore never adds information to the database.


How to enable this feature:

To enable the Query Engine support in Bizagi ODS, you need to configure the Query Engine ODS parameters just as you do with the Operational data store configuration:



For SQL Server, input the connection detail taking into account:

Server: The database instance where the ODS is at.

Database: The replicated database (ODS).

Login name: The login account used for the connection to that database.

Password: The password for the login account used for the connection to that database.


For Oracle, input the connection detail taking into account:

Service: The connection string to the Oracle database instance. Should be inputted with the [databaseServer]:[port]/[serviceName] syntax:

Username: The user schema representing the replicated source.

Password: The password for that user schema.



The replicated database is configured by the client. Hence, it is responsibility of the client to keep the database replication live or not.

If the replicated database is currently offline, this feature automatically retrieve data from the operational project database.

Due to the fact that Query Engine only reads the database, there is no transactions. Hence, there is no control of commit nor rollback.

Replicated databases must be from the same engine. Ie. SQLServer - SQLServer, Oracle - Oracle.