Editing a Process

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Editing a Process

Once you have diagrammed your Process, you may need to change diagram elements, add additional connections or add more elements to improve and complete it.


We will continue using the Purchase Request Process example, mentioned in the previous section, to show you how to make these changes easily.


In the first step of the wizard click Edit Process. This will open the Process model you just created.




Moving elements

If you need to move a diagram element from one place to another, click it and drag it to the new position.


Deleting elements

If you need to delete a diagram element, click it and press the Delete button.


Change/ Transform elements

The following image shows the initial Purchase Request Process we designed. However, we need to make some adjustments.


Change the Notification Tasks to Script Tasks, since they are emails automatically sent based on a decision by the Boss (immediate supervisor)..

The Quotation Task is actually a Sub-Process where several Activities take place in order to be able to select a supplier.

The Purchase order Task is also a Sub-Process where the Purchase Order is sent to the Supplier and created in the ERP system.




The modeler allows you to change elements within the same category. You do not need to introduce another element to the Process, but merely change the existing element.


1. To change the Notification Task to a Script Task, right-click the Task and select Task Type from the display menu.

Choose the appropriate Task type from the drop-down list.




2. Follow the same procedure for the other two Notifications Tasks. The following image shows your progress up to this point.




3. To transform the Quotations Task to a Sub-Process, right-click the Task and select Transform to Sub-Process from the display menu. Do the same for the Purchase Order Task.




View more information about Sub-Process types and uses.


Add Milestones

Milestones are sub-partitions of a Process used as reference points. They help the readers understand the different stages that make up the Process.


We will include three Milestones to determine the state of each Activity within the Process.


1. To include a Milestone drag it from the Palette and place it in the Process. Drag and drop two more Milestones.




2. Drag and drop the diagram elements that belong to the Milestone.




3. To rename each Milestone double-click it, press the F2, or right-click it, and then select Edit text from the display menu.