Document Templates

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Document Templates


Bizagi allows you generating out-of-the-box documents in Word, Excel, plain text or PDF format. Through the Document Templates feature you can easily define and generate documents containing information of the Process. This feature will have you produce functional, polished business documents that comply with your corporate image and standard.


Templates are based on Word, Excel or plain-text templates, that can hold and display many different type of content such as images of various kinds, watermarks, character formatting, tables, formulas etc. Outputs can be generated in the same format as the base template or in PDF.


Through an intuitive wizard these templates can be associated and configured to obtain and display specific information of the Process data model. Document Templates are stored as file type attributes that can be downloaded or sent via e-mail at any time during the Process life cycle.


You can configure Document Templates to be generated by two ways:


Manually by end users clicking a Generate button.

Automatically by Bizagi using an Expression.


What you need to do in Bizagi

To create a document just follow the next steps:




1. Create the template with the required format to be understood by Bizagi.


2. Define how to generate the document template.

To generate Document templates manually, by the end user clicking a Generate button.

To generate Document templates automatically, via Expression.


3. Configure the control relating the template and mapping the information for the template from the data model.

Configure the manually generated Document Template Control in the Activity form.

Configure the automatically generated Document Template on the Action (on enter, on save, on exit) of the Activity.



If you are configuring several Document Templates be sure to set the conditions with which each document is to be generated.


To illustrate how to perform these steps, in the following chapters we will configure the generation of a simple Invoice. It will contain the information of the Customer and the Products purchased.



If you are using a special font to be displayed in your documents we suggest you embed the font in the template.

For more information please refer to Embed fonts in Office documents (Microsoft)


How to handle editable information?

By default, the documents generated from the Document templates feature are not editable (these are a final document for read-only purposes).

This means that if you wish to perform changes on any of the dynamic information inside the document (have this information updated in the uploaded document's content), you need to consider this scenario in the very design of your solution.

For this, you may:

1. Identify in which Activities of the Process it will be possible to edit information contained inside the documents.

2. For the forms of these Activities, include the relevant controls (those associated to the information subject to change) as editable.

3. In this same forms, include the possibility to generate the document.


In this way, users may edit information directly in the form, and re-generate the document anytime.