Device tabs

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Device tabs

The Device tabs presents a set of tabs that represents devices and form types available for a form. Refer to Creating Forms for a specific device for more information about this feature.


Device tabs options








This option lets you move right or left across the device tabs, both options are only available when the window cannot show all the number of tabs.


Customize device

Creates a specific Form for a given device.

The specific Form is not linked to the default form. Any changes performed to the default form will not be reflected in the specific Form and vice versa.

Set as master form for [device family]

Creates a master Form for a given device family.

The master Form is not linked to the default form nor any other specific form.

Any changes performed in the default or any specific form will not be reflected other tabs of the form and vice versa.

Restore to default

Restores to the default form a specific or master Form. If the form type is specific and you have created a master Form for the device family, it will be restored to the master Form.

When you restore to the default Form, your device customizations will be lost.

Close device

Closes the Default and Specific form. This option does not remove the tab, and they will be displayed in another task. To remove a tab (device), go to the Tools tab in the Ribbon


Adds a new device to see how the Form is rendered for this device using the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. This will let you decide whether is required to defined an specific form for this device.



The tabs show icons, device and form type and they are grouped by color. For more information about the color and icons of the tabs, refer to Creating Forms for a specific device.

A tab with pending changes shows an asterisk.