Development considerations

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Development considerations

On-premises features

As previously mentioned, Bizagi Studio empowers developing teams for intelligent process automation fulfilling business requirements with agile results, focusing on your business. Through features that help automation of processes, and a set of different applications, features, and functionalities offered by Bizagi, developers control the business logic, enhance the user interface, or integrate systems in the development environment.


When using Bizagi Studio, you have two options. Work collaboratively using on-premises resources, where all the underlying infrastructure related to your development environment is managed and run by you. This option is usually very costly and demands resources for its management. A second option is using an Studio Collaboration Services subscription, where Bizagi takes care of your infrastructure in the cloud, offering services to work collaboratively among globally distributed teams.


Take into account that some features are only available when working on-premises. This is because they are built for the administration of infrastructure resources rather than features that you can use in a process. In a Studio Collaboration Services subscription, the administration of all resources is managed by Bizagi, which means that you no longer need those features.  When you are working using a Studio Collaboration Services subscription in the cloud, you have to bear in mind those features that apply to on-premises projects.


To know more about on-premises features, you may go to the following link.


Data and Metadata synchonization

When you are developing in Studio Collaboration Services, it is important to understand the importance of synchronization of metadata, as you and all the project co-developers must have the same information always. Due to the synchronization behavior, you need to understand how can you manage values of parameter entities managed in both the development and production environment.


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