Deleting a Process

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Deleting a Process


Bizagi offers a very simple way to delete processes, its dependencies and associated cases, in the Development environment. This feature is useful when processes in Bizagi Studio are created by mistake, or are no longer needed and haven’t been deployed.



The option to delete a process is available if a selected process version has not been deployed to production, and it has a unlocked state

When deleting a process, all its elements (Data Model, Forms, Rules, etc) will be removed. This procedure cannot be undone

Process deletion requires permissions to perform changes over the selected process

The procedure to delete processes will not delete the container category nor the application

Bizagi will validate dependencies before deleting a process


Delete a Process version

You can delete a process version by following the next procedure:


1. Select the process version you want to delete and right click it. Then select Delete.




2. A confirmation message appears asking if you want to delete the given process. Click Yes to continue.




3. If the process has dependencies, they will be displayed to let you know if this process is part of another one. For example, the selected process its being used as a sub-process or its being called from an action.

The process must not have any dependencies before being deleted.




Start over this procedure once you have resolved the dependencies displayed.


4. Once the procedure is completed, the process is deleted in your Bizagi Project.