Delegated User

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Delegated User

This option allows defining a person who will be in charge of executing the cases allocated to a specific user, when this user is not available.

For example, if a user goes on vacation leave, the delegated user will be the person allocated to the new cases that should have been allocated to the absent user.


When the delegated user is enabled:

Both the absent/unavailable user and their delegated will be allocated to the new cases.

The cases already assigned to the absent user will be visible to the delegated user to be able to execute them.

Both the absent and the delegate users are notified (if these notifications are enabled for the task) in the following scenarios:

oWhen a task has been allocated.

oWhen a task has been aborted.

oWhen a task alarm has been triggered.


How to define a delegated user

1. From the Work Portal go to the Users option found under the Admin menu.




2. Search for the user for which the delegated user will be defined. Enter the necessary criteria and click Search.




3. Click Edit option beside the specific user.




4. In the users administration window go to the Configuration User tab and locate the Delegated User option.




5. Click Get User to search for the delegated user. Enter the necessary criteria and click Search.




6. Select the delegated user.




7. Finally, check the Delegated enabled option to activate the delegation.