Default value

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Default value

The Default value property automatically sets a value when the form opens for the first time in the Work Portal. This property is used when a Control typically expects a value and is helpful as it saves the end user some clicks.


As soon as a value is chosen, other than the default value, the default value will be replaced.

If the control is valued by means of an expression, the default value set in the property will be ignored.


Default value property is displayed for the following Controls in the Advanced Properties tab:

Combo: set a default value using an expression.

Date: set a default value using a fixed date or an expression.

List: set a default value using and expression

Money: set a default value entering a fixed number or using and expression.

Number: set a default value entering a fixed number or using and expression.

Radio: set a default value using an expression.

Text box: set a default value entering a fixed text or and expression

Yes/No: set a default value selecting "Yes" or "No" or using an expression.


The Default value property will allow you to enter or select a value, or an expression, according to the control type. When a value or expression is selected it will be shown in the property's description area.

To edit the property, click the Edit (FormsComponents150) icon.

To delete the value, click the Delete icon (FormsComponents149). Take care in deletion since Bizagi does not prompt to confirm deletion. However, you can always click Undo if you delete a default value in error.

If you valued the property using an expression, you can edit the expression by clicking on either the Edit (FormsComponents150) icon or the Expression (FormsComponents151) icon.  





Keep in mind that the type of value returned in the expression must coincide with the type of value that the control manages (e.g dates with dates, integer with integer). If they are different, errors may occur in the execution of the form.



If you are using an expression, its name will be displayed on the left. If the name is too long to fit in the box, hover with the mouse, a tooltip with the complete name will display.