Customer portal first steps

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Customer portal first steps


Before start developing any project in Bizagi Studio, you must invite and manage the users who have access to the subscription and project.

The subscription owner receives a URL of the Customer Portal with the following format:







We recommend changing your password before the first log in.


Log in the Customer Portal. From this portal you can manage the users of your subscription. That is, adding them to the company pool, including them to the subscription, and adding them to the different projects. For more information about these steps, see Accessing the Customer Portal the first time.


Sign in configuration

To use  Studio Collaboration Services you need to sign in to your subscription by using your registered email to get started. Bizagi provides an Accounts module where the sign-in to your subscription is handled. However, you can configure your authentication with external identity providers.


To learn more about Bizagi's Accounts module, click here.


Next Steps

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