Custom connectors

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Custom connectors


Connectors in Bizagi are portable modules that allow you to extend the functionality in terms of integrating to another systems or application, as described at Bizagi Connectors.

In addition to using available connectors from the Connector Xchange, you can create your own connectors either by modifying any of the existing ones, or by creating it from scratch.

Recall that there are two types of connectors: Easy REST connectors which require no code (preferred approach), and Custom connectors which allow you to include any third-party libraries and write your own code.

For more information about the other type of connectors, refer to Easy REST connectors.


Further information

Child topics of this section will provide you with the information you need to know when creating a Custom connector:

Required profile and concepts: an introduction to the underlying technology of Custom connectors and base concepts you will need when creating them.

Custom Connector editor interface: an overview of the interface presented when creating a custom connector.

Recommended steps to create custom connectors: general recommendations to follow when creating custom connectors

Bizagi API for connectors: the list of objects and methods which are made available by Bizagi, when you code a Custom connector.

Custom connector example: a step-by-step guide on how to create a Custom connector and use it in a Bizagi process.