Abbyy Auto-mapping Connector

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Abbyy Auto-mapping Connector


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that is highly used in digital transformation strategies. This technology let you convert images, handwriting or printed documents into encoded text, so you can use this information digitally in IT systems. Abbyy is a solution that provides high-end OCR capabilities. Bizagi provides a connector to integrate your automated processes with Abbyy OCR capabilities, so you can get information from images or scanned documents and use it in your processes. This section describes how you can use the Abbyy connector.




Supported versions

To integrate the connector into the project in Bizagi Studio, it is supported from Flexicapture v12 Release 3 Update 4 onwards (on premise version only). For more information on Abby Flexicapture specifications, please visit:


How does Abbyy OCR work

To use the connector you need to set your Abbyy infrastructure first. All the OCR processing is executed in a dedicated processing server where documents are sent for imaging processing.  All documents or images must be sent in batches. Abbyy generates a batch ID, so Bizagi can fetch the results in Bizagi.




Each batch can use a specific Batch Type, where you can define image or documents processing characteristics. For example, you can define a batch type to handle processing of Invoices from a customer, with a specific format. To make the image processing easier and faster, you can define Document structures, where you train the Abbyy solution to get the information from a pre-defined structure. This structures can be define for each type of document, and are called document definitions. All document definitions and batch types are defined within one Abbyy project.




How do you start using the Abbyy connector

To start using the Abbyy connector in Bizagi you must follow these steps:


1. Create a document or image layout

2. Setup your Abbyy project, document definitions and batch types

3. Tailor the Abbyy connector in the connector editor

4. Download and install the connector in Bizagi

5. Define your process to execute the connector