Preconfiguring the ECM

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Preconfiguring the ECM


Before you configure connectivity in Bizagi to your ECM system, make sure that you preconfigure your ECM with requisites needed for this type of integration.

For more information about the integration approach presented in these sections, refer to ECM integration.



Preconfiguring the ECM consists mainly of enabling the CMIS 1.0 standard in your ECM system.

Though, within such preconfiguration you will also need to set up:

A valid ECM repository having a folder in which you will store documents incoming from Bizagi processes.

Well-defined metadata for that folder, so that you acknowledge what information is mandatory or optional for filling out when uploading documents.

A service account with the adequate rights to retrieve and save documents into the repository's< folder mentioned above.



The following links provide quick-start information to help you preconfigure your ECM system (useful as an example), ensuring that CMIS 1.0 is supported.

Though some of the most common ECM system examples are illustrated below, for further information/advanced topics or other ECM systems, you should refer to the vendor's official documentation.

Any other ECM systems not listed and provided as examples below, are supported provided that prerequisites are met.


To configure your ECM system so that it offers the CMIS 1.0 standard Web services, refer to the articles below:

Configuring SharePoint

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