Configuring Alfresco as the ECM

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Configuring Alfresco as the ECM


Bizagi supports Alfresco as the ECM system for document uploads.

For more information about this feature, refer to Document repository integration.


This section describes what steps you need to consider in Alfresco prior to using it as a document repository in Bizagi.





To configure Alfresco as the ECM system for Bizagi, first make sure that your Alfresco version complies with the CMIS 1.0 standard.

For instance, the Alfresco 3.4a version (includes community edition) supports CMIS 1.0.


You may confirm there is CMIS 1.0 support and look up the CMIS Web services, by entering the http://localhost:[alfresco_port]/alfresco/cmis URL into a browser:




Once you are certain about this, make sure you create a Space to be used only for the project, and create all the necessary content types.

Notice that this task may involve the ECM administrator.


At the end, you should have a repository in your Alfresco which contains a folder for your project and any necessary metadata:




Notes and Considerations

Folders creation is not supported with Alfresco. Full functionality is supported until version 5.0.0.

Some repositories, like Alfresco, support different content types, for example D:BPM:Task, which is proprietary of that ECM. Since these content types are proprietary, they should not be used in Bizagi (even though they may be shown when configuring the attribute in the Attribute List on an Entity). Therefore, use only custom content types (created by the administrator).


At this point your ECM is set, and you may now follow the configuration in Bizagi to define the integration of the ECM, as described in Setting the ECM in Bizagi.