Live Process general properties

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Live Process general properties

When you click a Live Processes, its configuration properties are displayed on the right.

These properties apply to the process, regardless of its state.




There are two menus on the top, that contain each one other menus:

Process menu contains Properties and Authorization options


Collaborators menu contains Editors and Reports options


Process - Properties menu




In the Properties menu, users can give and edit the name of the process, view the creation date and add a description that is used for documentation and reference purposes.


Furthermore, there are to important options on the bottom of this menu:

Enable Case number with Prefix and Suffix: This option enables or disables a customized Case Number for the Live Process. When a customized number is selected you can also define a Prefix and Suffix for the Case number. If no customization is set, Bizagi will assign a numeric case number automatically.


Selecting the Category: This Category is used to locate a process when an end user wants to create a new case instance. By default all Live Processes are created in the Live Processes category. This can be changed, allocating one among the existing Categories that are available in the environment where the process is being created.




Process - Authorization menu

This option enables the users and groups of users authorized, to create new cases instances of a Live Process once it has been Published.

Refer to Authorizing users to start a new case.




Collaborators - Editors menu

When you create a new Live process, Bizagi assigns you as owner. This gives you the ability to invite other users to participate in the automation of your process, as collaborators.

Refer to Collaborative Live Processes.





Collaborators - Reports menu

Live Process reports are available for the process's owner and users with the BA Administrator role. Nonetheless, you can manually add other users or user groups from the Dashboard.