Configure the Document template

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Configure the Document template

The final step is to set the configuration of the Document Template, that is:

Choose the template that will be used

Relate the information of the data model with the Tags of the template.

Choose the export format (PDF, or same as the template)


This is easily done by using the Configuration Wizard.


For Document templates generated manually

The Configuration Wizard will be displayed in the Basic tab of the Control's properties, as soon as a Data source has been defined.

Click on the Configuration Wizard button.





For Document templates generated automatically

The Configuration Wizard is displayed in the expression's properties on the right.




From now on, the configuration tool is the same.


The Configuration Wizard will display to present the following options:


Condition: This option allows you to establish conditions for each Template included. Remember you can include as many templates as you need. Conditions will be evaluated when the end user clicks on the generate button, the templates that fulfill them will actually generate a document, the others will be ignored. This works similarly to the Conditions for notifications does. For further information please refer to Multiple Document Templates.

Template: This option is where you upload, update, preview and delete templates.

Document name: In this field you must type the name that will be given to generated documents.

Mapping: This option allows relating the Template Tags with the data model of the Process.

Export format: This option allows selecting the format in which the generated document will be exported: PDF or same as

Language: This option allows selecting the language with which the template tags are displayed, the languages available depends of the business configuration.