Configure Bizagi Studio security

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Configure Bizagi Studio security

What you need to do in Bizagi

To grant access rights in Bizagi Studio you need to enable the Security feature and define for each element the necessary permissions.


1. Enable the Security feature by assigning the project Administrators (users and user's groups).

2. Grant or restrict access to resources (applications, processes, entities and business rules).




Enabling Bizagi Studio Security

To enable access rights in Bizagi Studio you must define one or more project Administrators.

As soon as Administrators are defined all other users will loose access to Bizagi Studio Security's configuration.

To include an administrator open the File tab and select the Bizagi Studio Security option. Click on Configure.




Add a user to the administrator's group.  In the new window click on Add User and select the user. Only users that belong to the domain where the project is hosted will be allowed to be included in the Bizagi Studio Security settings.




The window displayed to add a user works in the same way as when you grant permissions in Window's folders.

You can include several users to the Administrators group. Make sure Include is checked only for the users who will be administrators.




Granting access to Resources

All Resources are granted or restricted in the same way as described below.

Keep in mind that access rights are granted to each resource individually, so you should specify who has access rights.

To grant access rights you should be an Administrator, or have Full Control permissions over an item.


We will grant access to a process called Claims and Complaints.

1. Right-click on the resource where you want to grant access rights and select Security.



2. A new window appears where you can add a user or a user group and select the permissions or restrictions you wish to grant.




3. Give each user and group access rights.

When you are finished, click on Close. The permissions will be set.




When users are Denied access, they will not be able to see the resources on Bizagi Studio in the Expert View.

Entities and their elements (forms, business rules, attributes) will be visible in the Forms Designer and can be used but not modified.

Global business rules and functions can be viewed through the fourth step of the Process Wizard, but will not be available to be modified.