Workstations setup

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Workstations setup


After you have setup the project server, and have created a project, you can now setup the the process developers workstations. This section describes how you can setup the workstations and connect to the project.


Workstation setup steps

1. Install Bizagi Studio in each workstation

2. Connect to the project


1. Install Bizagi Studio in each of the workstations of users connecting to the project.

Install the Bizagi Studio portable edition  in each of the workstations of the team users, This does not need admin rights.



Make sure you install exactly the same Bizagi Studio version installed at the central server.


You can also carry out the installation steps as described at Quick start setup, but this time you may directly use the option to skip the steps related to the database instance, because you will be using the central server one. Any SQL credentials entered in workstations will be disregarded when connecting to the central server project.


Infrastructure administrator can also execute the silent installation, so you can install it in multiple machines.


2. Connect to the project, from each of the workstations.

To connect to the project from the workstations, open Bizagi Studio, and select the Connect to Project option at the main window.




Select the central server hosting the project, and then select the project.

Then click Done.





If you are using a SQL Server database, and you are relying on advanced configuration of SQL Server login accounts, make sure you connect to the project by specifying the use of an authorized login account.

You will need a Process analyst login account or an account with higher privileges, as described at Advanced configuration of SQL Server login accounts.


Once the project loads up, you will have ensured that the setup is complete.

From this point on, process analysts may connect to the project selecting it on the Recent Projects short cut on the initial Bizagi Studio screen.





In this setup, it is important to acknowledge that deployment of processes (promoting and publishing the processes from the Development environment to a Test or Production environment), as well as upgrading your Bizagi version needs to be done at the central server.

It is not recommended to perform such tasks (deployments, project upgrades) from user workstations.



In this type of setup, it is also important to make sure that the UDP port number 11000 is allowed in all machines with Bizagi Studio installed.

This UDP port is involved in the cache communication and synchronization used by Bizagi's components.