Teamwork setup using Bizagi Studio


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Teamwork setup using Bizagi Studio



Each process developer can access the project in the project server using Bizagi Studio in their workstation. Additionally, they have to set up the project server, creating a Bizagi project to install all the components needed to run the project. This section describes the infrastructure and configuration steps to set up your teamwork development environment,


Teamwork components

The teamwork setup has the following main components:

Workstations: computers used by each process developer to work on the project process automation.

Project server: project host server that contains all the Bizagi components of a project.

Database server: server where the project database is installed.


For the setup, Bizagi Studio is used for two main purposes:


In the project server: in the project server, Bizagi Studio must be fully installed so all the project components are installed in the server, this server works as the host of the project.

In the process developers workstations: each process developer must run Bizagi Studio to connect to the project server and work on process automation. Developers can run Bizagi Studio using the portable edition, so no admin rights are needed.


The following image illustrates the software requirements and components installed for each element of the teamwork setup:




This setup requires that the network connection between workstations and the project server hosting the project presents an optimal latency (ideally the workstations being on the same network of the project server).


Next steps

Setup steps are described as follows:

1. Project server setup

2. Workstations setup